5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

There have been many discussions on the benefits of using social media I have had with leaders of businesses while attending networking events, of which two points stand out on a regular basis:

  1. “Do I really need to be that active on social media?”, with the other being
  2. “I have a [insert any singular platform] page, but it doesn’t seem to do much”.

In this post, I will share “5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media” that you may feel too uneasy to ask your marketing team.

Social Media is Your Virtual Window to Your Audience

When you walk past a brick and mortar store, you will notice that much effort is taken to dress a window to pique your interest with what the store has to offer, in the hope that you will step inside and make a purchase.

Social Media is no different, except you open yourself to billions of passers-by. With almost half the world’s population now using some form of social media on a daily basis, imagine the opportunities you have to potential customers.

What is also great, going back to the “window dressing” analogy, using social media you can put any organisation in front of many. Let’s face it, how much window dressing would be required to attract you into an accountancy practice, for example. With social media, you can highlight your expertise in a given field, and sell your services or organisation to those that require it. Is that not one of the many benefits of social media right there!

Using Social Media for Brand Building

So often logo design is treated as being interchangeable with branding. Although they go hand-in-hand, they are not the same.

A brand should be the emotion behind what someone feels, sees, or tastes when they interact with your company on any level. Your logo should be the visual trigger. At the core, branding should be an emotional experience.

Your brand should be your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates what you do from your competitors. It is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

With social media, when used effectively, you can convey all these to your audience, and when your audience create an affinity to your brand because of how you make them feel, they become natural ambassadors for you.

Using Social Media for Increasing Sales

The golden egg that all business owners want is increased sales. So, can social media really do this? And the answer is yes.

It may not be an instant path to immediate success, but it is a path that will work if done correctly.

Here are some thoughts on this:


The more you are seen, the more likely customers are to buy. Social Media provides your audience with an opportunity to engage with you, be part of you and the more they become part of you the likelihood of them buying from you is increased.


Using social media you can incentivise your tribe to share your brand, your content and their experiences with others. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising, and with social media this is no different, it is now a digital voice.

Targeted Advertising

Social media is driven by advertising. The platform providers need to generate their income from somewhere. However, by the very nature of the data collected by the platforms, there is a goldmine of information at your disposal to target the clients you want to reach in your niche with precision. Once they enter the sales funnel you are then able to perform retargeting, increasing your opportunity to continue moving through the funnel.

New Customers

People talk, and today people talk on social media. The good thing is your social media manager can use tools to “listen” to what is being said about you, or a particular product or service that is required. A simple way of doing this is on Twitter. Using Tweetdeck, which is a free tool from Twitter, you can create lists of keywords, hashtags, business name, etc. So if someone asks the social space about a service or product you have, it gives you the opportunity to engage directly with a potential new customer.

Direct Communication Channel

Because social media is a by its very nature social, it can be used instantly for customer service interaction. The key to this is timing. If you engage quickly, it highlights that you care and take your business and their satisfaction seriously.

Your Competition Are Already Using Social Media

Lastly, your competition is most likely to already be active on social media, which makes it even more essential that you are not only on too but seen as consistently active. It also gives you a view of what they are doing, and ideas on how you can be different.

Tools like that from Simply Measured allow you to compare your entire social footprint against competitors to bring context to your performance. Using this information you can improve your footprint, increase your tribe, and start all over by putting them in front of your “virtual well-dressed shop window”.

Wrapping Up

So, does your business need social media? The answer is a definite yes.

The keys to success are relevance, consistency, and engagement, and a good social media management company can help you with all of that. Contact Kalan Media for more information.

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