Facebook Watch is bringing news to it’s US audiences

Facebook Watch is rolling out a new way of bringing news to it's US audiences via it's YouTube rivalling Watch service.

How are they doing this? By signing up a bunch of exclusive news programming for Watch, which will include ABC News, CNN, Fox News Channel, Univision, Advance Local, ATTN: and Mic. The shows will be hosted by award-winning journalists, as well as new faces, and the formats will vary from a mix of daily briefings, weekly deep dives, and live breaking news coverage.

They will debut the first slate of these funded news shows for Facebook Watch this summer and will announce additional shows in the coming weeks. They also say that they will work closely with their publisher partners to experiment with different formats to understand what works, and they will have full editorial control of their shows.

This may be their success story of attracting viewers to their new video platform.

Facebook Watch is not available in the UK yet but in a recent article by Digiday UK commented: "Facebook said there’s no update on when Watch will officially roll out internationally. Multiple publisher sources say Facebook has told them to expect Watch in the U.K. this summer, although the date has been moved in the past."

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